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Other places you can find me

Me (@molethrower) on Twitter
My writer page on Facebook
Everything v Everything
Rainy Day Adventure Club
Beyond Studios
Sonic Triangle

People I know

Cecilia Peartree – woman of mystery
McCallum Ogilvy
GCat’s World of Stuff
Gcat’s Urbex site

Good YouTube channels

Bad Lip Reading
Badge of Shame
Cloth Map
Crash Course
Double Fine
Feminist Frequency
Mark Brown
Smooth McGroove
Vi Hart
The Young Turks

Good podcasts

The Adam Buxton Podcast
The Audio Long Read
The Bugle
Dr Gameshow
The Giant Beastcast
Good Job, Brain!
Idle Thumbs
Important If True
The Mortified Podcast
My Dad Wrote a Porno
The Nerd Book Review
No Such Thing as a Fish
Pappy’s Bangers and Mash
Pappy’s Flatshare Slamdown
The ParaPod
Peacock and Gamble
Sodajerker on Songwriting

Interesting Wikipedia pages

Bundle theory
Bystander effect
Confirmation bias
Deep web
Dog-whistle politics
Fermi paradox
First they came…
Illegal number
Mind uploading
Numbers station
Streisand effect
Ultimate fate of the universe
Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Upsweep (unidentified sound)

Interesting videos

Numberphile – Do numbers exist?
Peter Singer – The Ethics of What We Eat
Sam Harris on “Free Will”
Steven Pinker – The Stuff of Thought: Language as a window into human nature
Tom Scott – Single Point of Failure: The Day Google Forgot To Check Passwords
TotalBiscuit – Tragedy and Video Game Violence

Puzzles, paradoxes and thought experiments

Alien Abduction Brain Teaser
Blue Eyes – a logic puzzle
Kavka’s toxin puzzle
Monty Hall problem
Trolley problem
Unexpected hanging paradox
Zeno’s paradoxes

Reddit threads

Little ways to become a nicer person
If you were god, what “easter eggs” would you put in the world?
Socially awkward things we can’t seem to outgrow

Funny stuff

Hyperbole and a Half
Jonny and the Baptists
Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

Creepy stuff

Candle Cove
Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared
Marble Hornets
Ted the Caver

Miscellaneous stuff

Democracy Now!
Games We Play
Geography games
Giant Bomb
Improv Everywhere
John Conway’s Game of Life
Khan Academy
National Novel Writing Month
The Nicest Place on the Internet
Orisinal: Morning Sunshine
Rainy Mood
Snopes – Urban Legends Reference Pages
We Feel Fine
Your Logical Fallacy Is

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