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This page’s job is to keep track of all the ridiculous and diverse creative projects I somehow end up involved in (excluding novels, which are covered here).

Everything v Everything

A podcast I created in early 2017 which aims to sort every single thing in the world into a master list, ordered from best to worst. We’re still in the early stages of this inherently ridiculous pursuit, but so far it’s produced plenty of lively discussion, many laughs and even the odd thoughtful point. If you feel like joining me and my friends for the ride, please visit the website and dive into whichever episode takes your fancy.

Rainy Day Adventure ClubRainy Day Adventure Club

An adventure podcast I created in late 2014, in which I gather some of my friends and make them solve puzzles, interact with silly characters and ultimately search for the hero inside themselves, search for the secrets they hide. It’s hard to explain, so I’ll just say I think it’s a pretty fun time with generally pleasant people, and the best way to understand it is probably go to the episode archive and listen from the start.

Beyond Studios

The personification of Beyond Studios, Fredrick BumblebyMasterminded by my friend Gavin, Beyond Studios has grown over ten years from a bunch of friends making silly videos in their parents’ houses to … well, mostly the same actually, but the videos have been getting better! I’ve been involved since the beginning – writing, starring in, editing and composing music for various projects – but as you’ll see, a lot of people put a lot of hard work into Beyond Studios productions, none more so than Gavin.

Over the last few years we have particularly enjoyed participating in the 48 Hour Film Project in both Edinburgh and Glasgow. Our most recent entry is The Big Pop, a film noir following hardboiled detective Dickie Dimestore as he attempts to crack his toughest, and most ridiculous, case yet. Other recent films include Rock’n’Roll: The Leith Abernathy Story, which documents the rise and fall of a band known for their bizarre fashions, Sarah, our unsettling stab at the horror genre, and The Ripe Stuff, a sports film set in the world of competitive vegetable growing. Four of our films have won the coveted Best Film award: the aforementioned The Big Pop, along with festive delight Bert’s Christmas Surprise, action-packed romp The Great Piggy Bank Heist, and twist-filled war film His Last Words. But the most ambitious thing we’ve made is an advent calendar of comedy sketches which came out in 2012 but is still online. And in 2014 we made a silly and slightly disturbing version of the Wizard of Oz starring finger puppets. You can also find a scattering of other videos if you dig through our YouTube channel, though perhaps you shouldn’t.

I now have an exciting page where you can watch some of our stuff directly from this website! So go there if you want to get an idea of the sort of stuff we make. First taste is free! As are all subsequent tastes, actually. We haven’t charged for anything so far.

Sonic TriangleSonic Triangle

An indie pop band (of sorts) founded around 2009, in which my friend Heather sings, my brother James plays keyboards and occasional other stuff, and I write and mix most of the songs. We released a bunch of songs in 2010 to some acclaim from a few of our friends, and followed up this success by not releasing anything more for ages. But now we are back! In May 2016 we released two new songs and a video, and have plans to do more in the near future. Go and check them out on our website, where everything we’ve ever done is available for free because we’re nice like that.

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