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For a long time I resisted calling this section “reviews”, as I don’t really approach them as such. They’re more just rambly paragraphs that give me a chance to assemble my thoughts on things I’ve read, played or otherwise consumed. But that doesn’t roll off the tongue so easily, so for the sake of convenience, let’s use the word “reviews” and pretend that means the longer thing I just said, shall we?

Also, it’s never made sense to me to assign numbered scores to things, so instead I’m using a binary system where if I really, really like something I’ll put a star next to it, and everything else gets treated the same. This way, I don’t have to be so self-conscious about my opinion – I don’t have to deal with the guilt of handing out a really negative score to something that just didn’t happen to connect with me, and people won’t think I’m a simpleton for giving one-out-of-ten to a book that’s universally considered a classic just because I didn’t understand it. If a book doesn’t have a star, I might still have liked it, it just didn’t blow my socks off.

A star is like me pressing the book into your hands and saying “read this!” with a slightly crazed look in my eyes. Obviously you won’t like all of them as much as I do, and there are probably some that we’ll disagree on quite strongly. That’s fine. I’m very much of the mindset that every book is a collaboration between the reader and the writer, and I certainly won’t think any less of anyone for responding to a book differently than I did (unless you think a David Mitchell book is bad, in which case you’re just objectively wrong). We cool? We cool!

You might also see this swirly little fella, which means I’ve read the book multiple times, so that may inform my perspective on it.

Anyway, this section is still just about books for now, but I plan to branch out soon. Recently I’ve been getting back into gaming, and to make that feel a bit less like a waste of my life I’ve been having an itch to write a bit about some of the games I’m playing. More on that soon, hopefully.

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