Update: book release, RDAC and website stuff!

Whew! For once, things are going on in my life. Some of them are quite big, assuming you’re me!

The War of UndoingI just released my debut novel!!! It’s called The War of Undoing, but it has previously been referred to on this blog as Project Snails – the same Project Snails that I’ve been working on in one form or another for over half my life. So, as you can imagine, this is a big deal for me. I don’t feel as scared as I expected, but that may be because I know it’ll be ages before anyone I don’t know finds it. At the moment, it’s just nice to have the book definitively finished, and to get some nice messages from people I haven’t spoken to in a while.

Quick sales pitch, in case you’re interested: The War of Undoing is a big juicy fantasy novel set in Kyland, a continent on a world called the Sphere. It’s the first in a series called Kyland Falls. You can learn more about it and read a sample on the My Books page, and you can buy it as a Kindle book or paperback on Amazon, or in various other digital formats at Smashwords! (More retailers coming soon.)

TWOU map

My podcast Rainy Day Adventure Club is back!!! We’re two episodes into adventure four now, and it may be my favourite adventure so far. It’s certainly the one I looked forward to the most, as it has a delightfully silly recurring puzzle involving an ancient gnomish language. It’s the sort of idea that only makes sense in the context of RDAC’s very specific format, so I’m pleased to put it out there for a statistically insignificant portion of the world to see. If you still don’t know what RDAC is, you can find out more about it by going to the website or just diving in and listening to some episodes. It’ll all make sense … sort of.

This website has changed!!! For a start, I’ve updated the info on The War of Undoing to reflect the mind-boggling fact that it’s actually out. But also I’ve moved this blog here from its old home on wordpress.com. (There is still a copy of it there, with all the old posts, but I won’t be updating it any more.) Don’t worry, the content will no doubt be the same: infrequent posts claiming I’m going to start posting more frequently, mixed in with even more infrequent posts about creative stuff I’ve been doing, and slightly more frequent posts about complete nonsense.

I bought some Futurama DVDs off eBay!!! And I’ve worked out that the sales of my book from today and yesterday will cover the cost of them! So thanks, everyone who’s bought it so far. Know that I am spending your money wisely.